ARC WELDING is more than just "running beads"! 

   **After you can run great "beads", then what?**

   1) You will dream up the project...

   2) You will draw samples of what you want, making changes as             needed...

   3) You need to plan and make preparations...

   4) Select materials and tools needed and sources to get them...

   5) Consider designs that will work for you...

   6) Layout, or placement of items to be welded...

    7) Figure the order of assembly...

   8) Correct problems and modify as needed...

    9) Finishing up (grind, sand, paint, etc)


I offer you the REST OF THE STORY all about welding!


I explain ALL those steps, and help you get from start to finish!

My Ebook, "The Arc and Beyond" goes into great detail!


296 pages of easy to understand ideas, pictures, and tricks.

(Pages are equivalent to 8 1/2 X 11, including pictures and all else)



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Created and written by a certified, journey level welder with

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WATCHING someone else

weld is a GREAT way to learn what to expect when 

you start arc welding!

Arc welding is pretty



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