The Cutting Torch cuts steel like butter,

But you must take care on how you use it and where it's used!

NOTE: Please read my "Welding Safety Details" via a link from my "Welding Safety" main page!

(In my Ebook)

Let's have a look at some of my own cutting torch equipment:
In my Ebook, "The Arc and Beyond" I will go into detail about preparing the area safety-wise, setting the pressures, adjusting the cutting torch flame, the actual tips for getting good cuts, the shut down, and more!

BE SAFE my friends! The cutting torch tip flames can exceed  

5000F! Use gloves, goggles, and fire extinguishers or water, and check surroundings for flammables!  

My design, with square-tubing,

Plus safety chain!

Keep connections tight! Gas leaks can catch fire!

USE THEM! Round double lens, single

rectangular, or larger sun-glass shaped

that's great for bifocals. 

Clean tip orifices will cut better, heat better, and won't splatter as much.
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