* Gas welding may be the process that the artistic type

will use exclusively. 


* Arc welders will likely want this skill too.

* I'll help you get started.


Gas welding is alive and well!

*Artistic types may choose gas welding only.

* Arc welders may want to, or need to use it at times.


*Practice is critical for running great looking beads!

Eye-hand coordination gets tougher because you're

doing more multitasking.


I'll give you a brief introduction. Then I'll hit some safety tips. Then talk about the equipment. Then a few 

tips for the gas welding itself.


* This will be all about oxygen-acetylene welding.

* The torch flame itself will melt the parent material.    

* Brazing only melts the filler material, not the parent  


* Safety is paramount! The flame can be as hot as    

   5000 plus!

* Having a cutting torch can also help you with cutting      and forming your work pieces.


I will tell you about tank settings, flame settings, 

practice tips, and what you're looking for while gas welding.

                                GOOD LUCK!




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