A Plasma Cutter? Are you ready for one?

* They are very fast and clean cutting machines.

* But it may be too expensive for a beginner welder.

* I will help you decide if you are ready to buy one.

* In the beginning the military used plasma more than 50         years ago! "Plasmarc" by Linde Company. 

* After the 90's they became more affordable.

* I will tell you in more detail about safety issues, usage, 

  how it's produced, and your options, in my Ebook.


JUST BE CAREFUL! It's very hot and it's noisy!









* Costs vary greatly! 

Many new ones will likely be over $1000. 

* may still have cheaper ones.

* Cheaper = fewer capabilities (cutting thickness and speed).

* Used ones can be found via Ebay, Craigslist, Amazon, and even through friends. 

* INSIST on having a used plasma cutter demonstrated!

Your future shop could

look like this!

MAYBE you can get a portable type plasma cutter soon!

NOTE: the goggles, gloves, long sleeves, and head protection. 

Ear protection advised.

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