Welding Helmets are more important than many welders realize!


* If your helmet is hindering your welding, you may want      to get a different one:

  1) Hood keeps dropping before you're ready.

  2) Lens area is too small to see your work area.

  3) Hood won't stay tight enough to stay on your head.

  4) Eyes hurt due to older helmets where auto-darkening         is too slow.


* You need not get expensive welding helmets for them to    work fine for you. Prices range from about $20 to  


* But there's more to consider than just the cost:

   1) Lens type best for you.

   2) Shade number (10 or darker?) (higher number for    

         high amperage settings).

   3) Safety: Older auto-darkening helmets may change

       too slow and fatigue your eyes. (get 2003 or newer)


Welding Helmets

help to make welding fun

or maybe a pain in the butt!

Basic flipup welding

helmet. About $20

Basic auto-darkening helmet. About $40-$50.
WIDE range of types and quality of welding helmets. $20-$200+.

Regular large lens flipup type

helmet. You see the work area

MUCH better. Good for bifocals.


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