I offer you LOTS of Welding Pictures for your enjoyment and wonderment!


* You will get ideas for your own projects...

* I've made comments about them, as needed, in my Ebook...

* Many of them are from people just like you that have              done their own thing...

* And many of them will be quite entertaining! 

* You are welcome to submit your own pictures and I                will post them here, if they are appropriate. Yeah I know,      "define appropriate". Well, just use common sense.

* In all actuality, pictures can truly give you great ideas to

   work from. 

* If no camera, then measure and draw it out if possible.

   That's what I did at a rental place that had a rowing                machine. I built my own rowing machine based on general 

   dimensions: length, width, slope, etc. 


Welding Pictures can help you fill your dreams! 

Yeah, really!

My Ebook

will have many more 


pictures! Some will 

AMAZE you!



May the

welding force

be with you!

Jess Johnston, Author, Owner.  Copyrighted! ©