Got Welding Questions?


I've got answers, and I won't get technical on you!


Most welding books are so full of data and other technical stuff, that you get bored before you get anywhere! One book that I looked at didn't talk about striking an arc till about page 150! BUMMER!


My Ebook is designed for the "Weekend Welder" type, and I keep it straightforward and as simple as possible. 

That includes right here on my Welding Questions pages!


You're welcome to contact me anytime via my website

and ask whatever you want to, including even after you buy my Ebook!


I will try to cover answers that I feel that you need or want. But although I'm Journey Level, I don't know everything. I learn via trial and error, and by asking other welders. That can save you a bunch of trouble and time!







Above is my first page of the Welding Questions part of my Ebook. Some were from way back when I first started that site. That site still exists, and I'm the author and creator of it. And you can still order my Ebook through it's Sales Page. 

Would YOUR kid be

safe on you welding


Mule Jacks can be set to pull or push! 

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