TOOLS are a man's best friend!

* I will discuss tools that you really need

* Tools that you really WANT

* SPECIAL tools (Like rattle gun, pinch bars, etc)

* Tools that need to be good quality

* Tools that can be regular quality


All tools are ILLUSTRATED and talked about


WELDING TOOLS can include most tools that you already have. 

* Generally you'll need tools that help you hold the work pieces, plus hammers, clamps, grinders, cutters, sanding and painting.

* Welders, gloves, helmet, fire fighting equipment, 

* Preferably a person as a "firewatch"

The "half clamp" is very useful! And you can make your own!
Sample clamping / holding tools. Variety is a good thing!


My simple reinforced "Workmate" welding table, DC welder, and Hobart

fluxcore welder.

Welding helmets range from about $20 to $200+! 

* If you can afford it, get an auto-darkening type!

(really helps you learn to weld!)

* Large lens if you wear bifocals.

* A MOST important item

   of your welding tools! 


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